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MixMaster Massage Chair Recliner, Zero Gravity

MixMaster Massage Chair Recliner, Zero Gravity

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Β πŸ“¦ Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 300 pounds
  • Height Limit: Up to 6.1 feet tall
  • Functions: Zero Gravity Recline, Full Body Massage, Air Compression, Heating
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Ambient Lights: Blue

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🌟 Why Choose Our Mixmaster Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Full-Body Massage: Comprehensive coverage with advanced rollers and air compression.

Zero Gravity Experience: Recline to the perfect position for relaxation and comfort.

Foot Massage: Airbag compression and retractable footstool for a complete leg and foot massage.

Great Gift: A thoughtful present that shows care and affection.

🌌 Zero Gravity Recline

Feel the Relaxation: Press the β€œZero Gravity” button and let the chair recline completely, lifting your feet above heart level. This position reduces heart strain and improves blood circulation, creating a serene and soothing environment for you to relax.

  • Benefits: Reduces pressure on the heart, enhances blood flow, and offers a more immersive relaxation experience.
  • Ideal for: Individuals weighing less than 300 pounds and no taller than 6.1 feet.

πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ Full Body Massage

Experience Comprehensive Comfort with 8 fixed rollers, 5 automatic modes, and targeted air compression and heating functions. 🌟

  • 8 Fixed Rollers: Neck, back, and waist.
  • 5 Preset Modes: Personalized massage experience.
  • Air Compression: Shoulders, arms, hips, and calves.
  • Heating Functions: Waist and legs.

πŸ‘£ Foot Massage

Complete Relaxation for Your Legs and Feet with airbag compression massage and a retractable footstool. 🌟

  • Airbag Compression: Calf area and foot.
  • Retractable Footstool: Suitable for different heights.
  • Moving Roller: Easy to move around the room.