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MixMaster Full Body Massage

MixMaster Full Body Massage

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 About This Item

💆 Compression Massage with Airbags

Experience precise and targeted body positioning with our innovative airbag compression massage. The airbags are strategically placed to offer more precise partitioning for an effective massage experience.

🦵 Humanized Hip Massage

Relax your tense muscles with the vibrating hip massage function, designed to alleviate discomfort and improve muscle flexibility.

🌬️ Airbag Massage

Our massage chair features a total of 12 airbags on the shoulders and neck. The airbags contract and press the sides to relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and waist, providing comprehensive relief.

💪 Shiatsu, Knead, & Vibration

Enjoy a versatile massage experience with 20 massage balls targeting your neck. The leg vibration function promotes blood circulation and strengthens human immunity, ensuring an all-around wellness boost.

🔥 Hot Compress

The hot compress function comes with temperature control, allowing you to choose between high-temperature and low-temperature massage settings. This feature enhances muscle relaxation and provides soothing comfort to your lower back.

Key Features

  • Precision Airbag Compression: Targeted body positioning for effective massage.
  • Hip Vibration Massage: Relax tense muscles with gentle vibrations.
  • 12 Airbags: Strategically placed on the shoulders and neck for optimal relief.
  • 20 Massage Balls: Shiatsu and kneading massage for comprehensive coverage.
  • Leg Vibration: Promotes blood circulation and boosts immunity.
  • Hot Compress: Adjustable temperature control for personalized comfort.


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